Due to the increasing competition in commercial building estimator nationwide in the industry, General Contractors, as well as specialty contractors are outsourcing their takeoff and estimating work, as the spread between bidders is becoming thinner by the day. The average contractor needs to bid on approximately 3-5 times more projects than before in order to land a successful bid. And the construction industry is gaining momentum in outsourcing cost estimation, check out this article on LinkedIn.

Let Quality Estimation aid you in your journey! We can provide you with per-project takeoff and estimating services, helping you succeed in as well as monthly contract unlimited project bids services.

Having worked on various commercial projects nationwide, Quality Estimation can provide you with a detailed material takeoff list that you can analyze and verify before the bid is due.

Or if you are looking for a full-service estimate, Quality Estimation can provide a estimate of residential building detailed cost-cross-referenced estimate to make sure you are on top of your game.




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