Frequently Ask Questions

n today’s business market, winning a bid is extremely difficult, and no one can guarantee that you will win a specific project. However, bidding more accurately increases your chances of getting the job, and that’s where our estimating agency comes in and takes charge with very cost-effective plans.

We are providing commercial, residential,& industrial projects performing cost estimating services for new construction, remodeling construction projects.

Quality Estimation provides Contractors, Sub-contractors, investors, Architects, Real estate developers, Owners and more.

Our expert estimator team has specialization in residential, industrial, and commercial projects, that also touches some of the education buildings. We provide all kinds of government projects spanning new construction, and also we are providing private spanning new construction.

Yes we can do estimation without plans because we have a lot of experience in the estimation market So, based on years of experience, we are able to do assumption based estimates.So you feel free to contact us for assumption based projects.

Our estimator’s team are experts. They are civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Architectural engineers and electrical engineers and some Trade specialists, and project managers and for pricing. So we have the latest RS Mean subscription, so we use the zip code of project location for pricing that’s why our Takeoff and cost estimates are precise and accurate according to location.


  • First of all, send us plans and project details & specifications at [email protected]. After that, our estimators will review and revert back with a quote and proposed turnaround time.After acceptance of a quote by the client, we will send an invoice for payment, once the payment is made. We will start working on your project and deliver it within the proposed time.

Normally, The cost will depend on the scope and size of every project . We know every project has different scope and size so the price will vary according to the project. Also, we first review drawings and the scope of work. You just need to upload plans in the link below and press the contact us button. We will check it and let you know in just 5 minute .

Usually, We charge a fixed price for a project not per hour, but it varies from project to project, but we can design per hour rate according to client requirements that will be suitable for you once you share the details of your project with us. You can save 60% of the total month cost by connecting with us.

We accept payments online, which ensures the confidentiality and privacy of your financial information, or you can pay with a check, Paypal, Zelle, account transfer, a debit, or credit card. According to the plan call out, we will offer you a quote that includes the Quickbooks invoice and the delivery date after receiving your Drawings and the scope of your project specifications. If you approve our selection, you can pay using your desktop, mobile phone, or call us at +1 (425) 523 5223, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We believe in building long-term connections, and our offer will save you 50% on estimation costs when compared to local estimators.

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