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Why Quantity Takeoffs are Important for General Contractor’s?

According to our experience, we can help you to answer this question, I had a meeting last week with a general contractor, Subcontractor, investor, builder of Washington DC and Florida.  we discuss a big metal building with a demolition scope of work. I was working with the owner to bring down his cost estimation service, but I also work with various developers who were interested in bidding on the project. I asked a tough question: Do you have a Quantity Takeoff for this project?

The answer that I receive back from General Contractor same as we receive from others. They have their investor, builder and subcontractors do the takeoffs and check the bid date and time. I believe in the answer of the Contractor and subcontractor. A majority of our clients are contractors and subcontractors looking to bid on pieces of projects they send us and we provide them accurate and precise Takeoff and Cost estimation. Too many contractors and subcontractors are spending a lot of money and hours taking off projects that they will never win so they need to contact us because our Cost estimates are accurate and precise according to the location of the project.

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